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SQL query on local MySQL

How to make SQL query on your local MySQL
js, mysql

SQL query on remote MySQL

Make SQL query on a remote MySQL
js, mysql, ssh

D3 World map

Make a World map with D3 and topojson
d3, js

DanfoJS read file

Read datasets and load them into DanfoJS

ISS position with Plotly

Show ISS position on World map with Plotly

ExpressJS client/server

Start an expressJS server and associated client with JS /HTML form
node, express, js

P5 basic example

Use P5 with canvas to follow mouse position
p5, js

Playwright basic automation example

Use Playwright to automate browser action
playwright, js

React app initialization

Show how to load and use a React application
react, js

ThreeGlobe World map

Make a World map with Three and ThreeGlobe
three, js

Satellites position with ThreeGlobe

Show satellites position with Threejs and ThreeGlobe
threeGlobe, js

Population dataset

Graph World population with PlotlyJS

Global temperature anomalies

Explore global warming and temperature anomalies
js, climate

Active fires in the World

Show active fires in World with FIRMS data
js, climate

Send mail with Gmail

How to send email with Node and mailmailer
node, js

Web scraping: Facebook login

Performs a Facebook authentication by web scraping
playwright, js

Web scraping: GetForm

Performs a Getform authentication by web scraping and retrieves all subscribed users
playwright, js

Firebase integration

Create a SAAS blog to store data per user with Firebase Auth and Firestore
firebase, js

Firebase admin integration

Perform admin actions with Firebase admin
firebase, js

SVG creation

Create SVG with HTML code block
html, js

Znote Jobs

Use of the different types of Znote Cloud Jobs
node, jobs

Google Drive demo

Google Drive authentication and file manipulation
google-drive, node

Google Spreadsheet demo

Google spreadsheet manipulation
google-spreadsheet, node

Make a newsletter with Node and Google Spreadsheet

How to make a newsletter with Node, Recaptcha and Google Spreadsheet
node, google-spreadsheet